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Visit these sponsors! When Louise tells me it is  "my turn to cook"  I head for these places that cook for us:

Meals Away From
formally west10 food critic.com.

 Several years ago I decided to become a restaurant critic. There are several reasons for this decision.  

My wife, Louise, is a wonderful cook, but we still eat out often. I eat more than my share of food. I have a voracious appetite! After my meal, I eat the leftovers that mysteriously appear on my plate that used to be on my Bride's plate. Many times I eat the leftovers offered to me from my other dinner guest. Sometimes strangers in the location pass over parts of their unfinished plates thinking that I must be starving and have been raised by wolves. I am sure a couple buffets have taken down that "All You Can Eat" sign about the time I got back into my car.

I eat a variety of foods. I many times order something new that I see arcoss the room just for the experience.  I enjoy fine dining; however, unlike Alton Brown I am also a fast food fanatic. It is a good bet that Alton has never had a Homerun at Wendy's. For those of your who don't understand Wendy's or baseball the HR comes after the single, double, and triple. The HR and Triple were so unhealty they don't even list them on the menu anymore, but when it comes to special orders MONEY TALKS!

I am eligible to be a critic because I am a math and computer teacher. Being a public school educator has given me a vast knowledge of good food (p.s. not from the school cafeterias!) Without a second job or a spouse with a better job many high schools and elementary teachers would either be homeless or walking to school. It is sad, but many teachers need a second job to pay the bills. Like many teens, I started my food career at sixteen. My first was at Pizza Hut. Unlike many of you, I continued my food career for more than forty more years. I have years of experience at with a country club that had both fine dining and a snack bar, wedding caterers, Wendy's, and Dominos. With both Wendy's and Domino's I was honored to have brief teaching duties at their national training institutes. The second reason being a computer teacher helps is I already have several webpage platforms. I write code, I use Dreamweaver, create pages, fix your bad sites, and host web pages on a dedicated server. This means that being a food critic on this webpage does not cost me anything even if no one else cares.

     Most importantly, I am an experienced eater with strong opinions! I have been shoveling food into my mouth without my mother holding the spoon for more than sixty years, and I have been expressing very strong opinions since mom let me have full control of that spoon. Those of you who knew my late mother know that some of those opinions (i.e. brocolii ) got me yanked out my high chair my point of view more enlightened. Eating and Strong Opinions - thats all you really need to be a good food critic! Everything else you can learn from watching Alton Brown and his friends on the Food Network.

      People ask, "Do I make money eating, taking pictures of food, writing about food, and eating again?" I make a few cents from ads on this site. I make an occasional dollar from reviews I get published somewhere beside my own website. Marlo's and Arby's thought my short stories were so funny that they had them published in the local paper and gave me a free meal. However, I make a real money if you understand IRS Publication 463 about deductable meals. (Wait, my lawyer and my accountant both tell me that nobody fully understands any IRS publication.) They think pamphlet 463 states that I am able to deduct several of my meals and those of my lovely wife if I publish a short review.

We live in Braggadocio, Missouri so if Louise is not cooking we must travel more than 10 miles to find a place to eat. Sometimes we have traveled a couple hours for a great meal. Living in the bootheel also means I don't get to NY, LA, Boston, Houston or where ever you feel they have the best dining unless we are vacation.

My ratings are simple with no stars. If you see a pic of food I am eating or a image of me smiling at food then I reccomend the restaurant. I had to decide how to handle negative dinning experiences. I don't! Any chef, staff, or waitress can have a bad night. There are critics in large cities who have been so negative with their comments that restaurants had to close. That would make me cry; those people sink their life savings into their eateries. If I have a problem I always speak with the owner or manager. If they can solve the problem, then you will never read about that situation here. One place Louise and I went to twice failed to take our order both times, but I will not name them here. We just never go back. My top rankings may not be the same as yours or maybe you want my comments on a new place to eat. Just email me! 

Some of my funny restaurant reviews that are actually short silly stories have been moved to my blog page within this website.

My Best Ever. It is Just my opinion let me hear your opinion.

Links in the middle column go to their menu page. If there is a link in the address column then pictures are available below.

Fine Steak

Bourbon Street Steak House

1550 N Ingram Blvd. inside Southland Casino West Memphis, AR

Fast Steak

Colton's Steak House and Grill

101 Hospitality Dr, Sikeston, MO and Many Locations

Gourmet Cheese Burger

King Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar & Grille

159 Beale St, Memphis, TN

Fast Cheese Burger


1912 Highland Ave., Jackson, TN and Many Locations

Deli Sandwiches

McAlister's Deli

1012 Vann Dr Ste A, Jackson, TN 38305 and Many Locations


Brooksie's Barn

561 Oil Well Rd, Jackson, TN


Wilson's Fish House

2988 State Highway A Wardell, MO

Bar-B-Q Plate


Highway 84, Hayti, MO

Bar-B-Q Sandwich

Hog Wild BBQ

201 Broadway St, Marked Tree, AR


El Patio

1995 Us Highway 51 Byp N, Dyersburg, TN 

Fish Tacos

Tulum Fresh Mexican Grille

1319 Union University Dr, Jackson, TN

Chinese Buffett

China Star Supper Buffett

1130 Us Highway 51 Byp W Ste 31, Dyersburg, TN


Alvino's Pizza

112 N Main Ave, Dyersburg, TN


Bella Italia

20 N Spanish St, Cape Girardeau, MO 

Smoked Sausage and Cheese

King Jerry Lawler's Hall of Fame Bar & Grille

159 Beale St, Memphis, TN


Dexter Bar-B-Q

101 N Westwood Blvd, Poplar Bluff, MO

Hot Dogs

Loves Truck Stop

3070 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN and other locations

Fried Chicken

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

505 US-70, Mason, TN and adding other locations nationally

Chicken Sandwich


2440 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN and other locations


Cracker Barrell Old Country Store

3055 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN and other locations



575 Mall Blvd, Dyersburg, TN

Pork Chop

Abe's Ribeye Barn

1130 Henry Street Dyersburg, TN

Patty Melt

Hope's Place Cafe

121 Maple Adamsville, TN

Sea Food Buffett

Branden Station

189 TN-59 Mason TN


Cracker Barrell Old Country Store

3055 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN







Cakes and Pies

Patty Ann's

1302 MO-84, Hayti, MO


Bella Italia

20 N Spanish St, Cape Girardeau, MO 


Grecian Steak House

2265 Saint John Ave, Dyersburg, TN and other locations


Sonic Drive-In

160 E State Highway 162, Portageville, MO and other locations



575 Mall Blvd, Dyersburg, TN

Lava Cake


2700 Lake Road Dyersburg and other locations


Pictures of Food and Friends

Mostly just pictures of the food I am staring at or picture of ME eating.
Eating with family or friends is fun, but also necessary as as I usually have both hands and my mouth full
so someone has to handle the camera.


2700 Lake Road Dyersburg

Known for their ribbs and steaks, but I also love their pasta. Save room for dessert, the triple chocolate lava cake with Ice Cream is sometimes the only item we order.




30 Boyettes Road Tiptonville, TN

The best of the three or four place at Reelfoot Lake. Catfish, ham, or quail served family style. Family style means plates full of slaw, beans, corn bread, fries, onion rings, and other items. They will keep those plates coming until you explode or leave.


Bella Italia

20 Spanish Street Cape Girardeau, MO

The first time I ate at Bella Italia was a teacher training session we had for elementary math teachers. When lunch time came the principal told us we could go anywhere for lunch , but she was going to bella's and she had the school credit card. The fact that free food always taste better helped me make the decision quickly.? The food was so good here that I brought Louise the next week to spend my own money.
Try the Tiramisu if you have never had the pleasure. Lady fingers dipped into a mixture of coffee or cocoa mixture, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, and mascarpone cheese.


Brooksie Barn

561 Oil Well Rd, Jackson, TN

When I first started going here the place was three miles out in the middle of now where. When Union University moved north so did most of Jackson. the place is now surrounded by subdivisions and large churches; however, they have kept the rustic barn with glass all around to view their relaxing duck pond. The food is great They have an antique cotton scale near the checkout so i always know how many pounds I gain at brooksie's barn.



Blue Blues Fish house

Century Casino Caruthersville, MO

about to open review coming soon



Century Casino

Cape Giradeau, MO

They are changing all their food in the fall.





2200 Emporium Dr, Jackson, TN 38305




china star Super Buffett

1130 Us Highway 51 Byp W Ste 31, Dyersburg, TN


Cici's Pizza

99 Old Hickory Blvd, Jackson, TN

59 feet of pasta, pizza, and salads. Whats not to like?



Coltons Steak House and Grill

101 Hospitality Dr, Sikeston, MO

Good steaks and the second bext lava cake and icream around.





Cracker Barrell Old Country Store

3055 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN

Breakfast all day and geaat meatloaf. I have eaten at one in 8 states. Plus Louise gets to window shop around the store..






Sikeston, MO

The truck stop that housed the Denny's in Sikeston had huge fire and exposions. Now I was in morning for several months. Now I know what the Bible means when it refers to Caskcloth and Ashes.



Grecian Steak House and Buffett

2265 Saint John Ave, Dyersburg, TN




Gus Fried Chicken


Taxi cab drivers used to make a fortune picking people up at the airport and taking them an hour east to Mason, TN for southern fried chicken. They now have Beale Street location in Memphis. No matching table, chairs, or bar stools but great chicken.



Hope's Place Cafe

121 N. Maple Adamsville, TN

Tiny Cafe in Adamsville, TN. We were visiting the Bufford Pusser Museum, and I did what I often do. I ask the locals where is their best meal. Wondrful Patty Melt!





Johnny Rocket's

567 S Perkins Rd Memphis, TN

This place will take you back to the fiftys. (except for those fifty prices) The staff will even perform a doo-wop number or two. Quality cheese burgers and best fries around.



Lambert's Cafe

2305 E Malone Ave, Sikeston, MO

A tourist favorite. Home of the Throwed Rolls. All the way across the dining room must be about 70 to 80 feet, and their thrower put one in my hand with the control of a college softball pitcher. If you catch more like my sister and not like Tim McCarver they will get closer. However, they never just place the rolls on your plate after all their web address is throwedrolls.com. Great food to go with the yeast rolls. Louise says the hog jowls are her best ever. Me, I am aa city boy and not an expert in hog jowls. Order small as they will pass around several complementary southern sides during the meal. Some people take home a giant Cinnamon rolls.




Logan's Road House

3012 William St, Cape Girardeau, MO

Always a good steak. I love their baked sweet potatoe covered in cinnamon.



631 Vann Dr, Jackson, TN



Los Portales

1078 S Washingtion St, Hayti, MO



Loves Truck Stop

3070 Lake Rd, Dyersburg, TN



New Orleans and Gulf Coast


We went to the gulf on vacation and ATE. We went to the casino and ATE. We went to the Beach and ATE. We saw a cemetery and ATE. we visited a gater farm and ATE. WE rode an air boat and ATE. We visited parks and ATE. Louise and I took a ride on the Natchez River Boat and ATE. We took a bicycle rickshaw to the the French Quater to EAT and drank a little. WE went shopping and ATE.



Old Country Store

56 Casey Jones Ln, Jackson, TN
They are in the process of changing from a buffett style to family style so I need to hold off on this review.


Olive Garden

1918 Red Wolf Blvd, Jonesboro, AR



Jackson, TN

Chicken Marsala



Pizza Hut

Hayti, MO





Patty Ann's

Hayti, MO



Razerback Bar-B-Q and Ribs

Harrison , AR

We were traveling on our Arkansaw Cave vacation and it was just on side of the roaad.



Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous

Memphis, TN

It is located in an dirty alley across from the Peabody Hotel. Great ribs and barbeque. Memphis dry rub ribs are the house speciality.They ship ribs anywhere Fedex will deliver. After all their website is hogsfly.com


South Carolina Vacation



Wilson's Fish House

Wardell, MO

Catfish Buffett every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays after church. Whole catfish and filets along with barbq, chicken nuggets, fries, hush puppies, slaw, cobler, ice cream and bananna pudding. We are always stuffed when we leave.